Mens Suits Near Me – How to Find the Best Source



Royal Blue Soilid B6-251 $547If you’re in the market and looking for mens suits near me, you should do your due diligence before making a purchase. The first thing to do is look online to find all the locations within a convenient distance.

After locating the best and closest suit stores near you you should begin to do your research to find the best value. The things you should look for in a quality mens suit are the following. Fabric quality, construction quality and price.

When looking at fabric quality you will want to know several things. First, what is the super count of the wool? You will typically see super 110’s, super 120’s but the super count will go up to a super 160’s in many cases and higher. The super count simply gives you a general idea as to the quality of the wool but do not put all your faith in this alone. Super count is the micrometer of the thread that they will weave the fabric with. So, the thinner they can weave the thread the stronger the thread is and it contains longer fiber filaments which allow for a longer thinner thread. There are good better and best when it comes to super count wools so be sure not to judge a fabric by this alone.

Next thing to do when shopping for mens suits near me is to ask about the quality. There are three basic construction methods in todays suits. Fused, half canvas and full canvas and the there we will discuss for this article.

A fused suit is the most basic type of construction. Fusing is a lining placed on the inside of the suit which takes the place of a canvas. The ling has been infused with a glue which is hated up to fuse the suit together on the inside. Fusing was created to let manufacturers mass produce suits because the canvas garments take a lot more tailoring and time to produce because of the hand work needed. Before mass production all suits had full canvas interiors and the tailoring trade had many tailors who could produce these kinds of suits. As time went on the tailoring trade has died off so fusing has taken the place of tailors.

There are good fusings and bad fusings so be sure to ask a knowledgable person about the difference. Alphasuit uses a high quality fusing on the base model of all our custom suits.

Next is a half canvas construction. Half canvas also has some disables inside the garment coat. A canvas is like a catchers kit in baseball. When the mat is new it’s very hard and stiff making it uncomfortable for the catcher to use. Once he uses it for a while though the leather becomes more soft and supple which lets the mitt conform to his hand and also allows for a pocket for the ball. Like a mitt a half canvas and full canvas coat conforms the the persons body and fits better over time.

Always be sure to do your research before purchasing mens suits near me. Always spend as much as you can because a good mens suit is like an investment. The better the quality the longer it will last.