Mens Suits in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re looking for men’s suits in Columbus, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. AlphaSuit was started by local businessman and clothier, Sean McKee. Sean started AlphaSuit men’s suits so that young professionals could have access to high-quality custom made clothing.

Traditionally McKee’s business entailed visiting his clients at their homes or offices. He brings fabric swatches and catalogs where the client picks out the fabrics that appeal to them. McKee helps to style the garments the way the clients like then takes all of their measurements.

AlphaSuit is a new and different concept than McKee’s traditional business. With AlphaSuit clients book an appointment online to come into his showroom.  Customers choose fabrics and get measured up. When the clothing arrives the customer then schedules another appointment online to come in and pick up their clothing[bookly-form]

The nice thing about AlphaSuit is that you can now purchase best quality mens suits that are custom made for the same price as you’d pay for “off the rack” suits.

So if you need bespoke suits in Ohio, click here to schedule an appointment today, click here to schedule an appointment today.