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Colby and Hannah Wedding

Jason Tucker Wedding

First experience with custom suiting as a groomsman for a friend’s wedding. Sean was phenomenal to work with and incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the process. He made every detail special to each of us and went the extra mile to make the experience what it was. Will certainly be back. – Ryan Deszo

Tyler Polak  FCCincinnati Player

Justin Meram Columbus Crew Player

Adam Jahn Columbus Crew Player


Zach Steffen Columbus Crew Player

Marshall Wine

Jackson roof top party

“Sean, I love my new suit and can’t wait to wear it in my wedding. The fit is the best I’ve ever had and the quality is excellent, thanks again”Joe Menninger

“This is a great fit and it gets compliments, this is a great suit!”JP la Framboise

“The jacket exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of fabric and overall style. Being my first time in a custom fit jacket, it was clear to me that the look and feel of this jacket could not be duplicated in a jacket off the rack.”Aaron Siekmann

“Sean, Thanks again for everything. Your suit was awesome and you couldn’t have been easier to work with. When I’m ready for my next suit you can expect to hear from me.”Michael

“As someone who was used to spend a thousand or two per suit, I couldn’t be more thrilled with what Sean made me. Not only does it fit and look great, but his business model allows me to get the same quality I expect but for substantially less.”Michael Sacher

“AlphaSuit Lifestyle event at Home Finance where everyone enjoyed a bourbon tasting, craft beers and cigars later in the evening at The Jackson Condos in the short North.

Schedule a AlphaSuit Lifestyle Event at your company or organization today.”

“Sean, I love my new custom suit, it’s my first one. I’ve already worn it to work and 5-6 of the guys I work with want to come to the next alphasuit pop up event. Thanks again for the great quality suit and great service”Ryan Uhle

“These pics are from the Alphasuit Popup Event at, The Toy Barn, after the opening round of The Memorial Tournament. The Cigar Car and Gun Club was the sponsor.”

Pop-Up Event Photo’s

“My first purchase at Alphasuit was great! I had been using one of the leading online custom suit companies for the last two years, but Alphasuit will be my go-to for all future purchases. Why would you shop online when for the same price point you can get all of the customizations, more color options, better quality, and work with Sean who is committed to your satisfaction?”

Ted Winders