How To Get Your Bespoke Suit

AlphaSuit produces high-quality bespoke suits for Men and Women and ready-to-wear suits for Men at a fraction of the traditional price. Here are some of our price ranges. Keep in mind that prices can still vary depending on the location:

  • Custom suits for Men & Women $495 – $895 
  • Ready-to-wear-suits $195-$595
  • Custom shirts for Men & Women $95 – $149
  • Custom Sport Coats for Men & Women $395-$595
  • Ready-made shirts $49 – $89 

Alphasuit clothing can be purchased either by visiting one of our showrooms or by using our concierge service.

  1. Come to one of our permanent showrooms and measuring center
  2. AlphaSuit is also pleased to feature “Pop-Ups” for weddings.
  3. Concierge service, we come to you, a surcharge of 10% will apply as well as additional charges if you live at a considerable distance. Call 248-789-5815 for details.

To schedule a “Pop-Up Event” at your work, house, or any other location, give us a call today at 614-333-0034 or send a text to 248-789-5815. You can click here to request more information online. Alternatively, you can look for the voicemail button on this page to send us a voicemail.