Designing Custom Suits


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0:00hey everybody Sean Nicki here thanks for visiting alpha suits website0:05and just for those of you who may be new
0:10I’ve been in this business for 23 years and my traditional businesses I go see
0:16my clients at their home or office to take care while their clothing is there
0:19but it’s it’s very high-end clothing for expensive so i wanted to have something
0:23that I could make available to young professionals and guys it just didn’t
0:28want to spend a thousand dollars and upon their suits oh my launch alpha suit
0:32and it’s a little bit different that you know if you guys want to purchase
0:37officers they come to my showroom in the short north 629 north high street on the
0:42fourth floor and you have to schedule appointment online on the website alpha
0:45suit calm so it’s a really takes all my work out of it instead of going to see
0:51guys one on one individually and then going back and making a delivery and all
0:56that it’s you know you come to the showroom get measured up pick out your
0:59fabrics and then when your clothing comes in about three or four weeks later
1:04than we get a text messaging schedule another appointment to come into a
1:07pickup so it’s a great concept and it’s been doing very well it’s were about two
1:13years old
1:14as of this month august $DAY of $MONTH 2016 so i just want to show you a couple
1:18things though some design software that I use to help kinda make a little bit
1:25easier to pick out your clothing but
1:28what we do is we go ahead and pick area you can design out there and then we can
1:34match up all the fabric so you can see what matches and so forth so let’s take
1:41a look at some basic suits and i’ll show you how to mix and match few patterns
1:50but let’s just say we go with a kind of British Navy it’s a very popular color
1:54right now so I sell a lot of this color so you probably seen a lot magazines and
1:59just other guys out about wearing this color so it’s kind of neat this we can
2:04pick the fabric and you have to pick your buttons and your threat as well so
2:07most guys weren’t brown these days brown shoes and belt so it’s kind of cool to
2:13do some kind of a brown button as well to kind of match that and the nice thing
2:17about that is you can we switch buttons out later if you know the brown goes out
2:21of style you can go to back to black or whatever you like and we went to look at
2:27the thread colors you can even do a brown thread
2:30it’s kind of nice as you have all these different selections
2:36and options on custom-made clothing as opposed to off the rack and the nice
2:39thing about the alfasud brand is your basic paying the same price as you would
2:43for a good off-the-rack suits or decent off-the-rack suit which never really
2:46fits you you have to have all the alterations done it just really never
2:49truly fits like a custom garment looks pretty cool there so we’ll leave that
2:53and you also get to pick out your lining without the Sioux your name on the
2:58inside so it’s kind of cool to go and pick out a cool lining so try like a
3:05silver or you can do a lavender just really anything that turns you on so
3:09there’s just a lot to choose from but just for the purpose of this video we’ll
3:13just we’ll go with that there and finally we can choose a tie to go with
3:23the outfit and there’s again just a lot to choose from so see
3:37there you go pretty cool pretty cool software to help you envision what your
3:40clothing is going to look like and nobody else that i know of offers this
3:44especially in the alfasud price points
3:56so there you go if you have any questions feel free to email us Sean at
4:00alpha against a call or text messages or simply to schedule .
4:05whenever you’re ready to come on in and get measured up thanks for watching