A Guide To Buying A Suit – Chicago Tailor Lists 7 Considerations

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Men’s suit buying guide

Men have it easier when decking out is required because there’s already an established standard for their clothing: It’s all about the suit. Unlike women, who have more options for special outfits, men really only have this ensemble to turn to. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that careful consideration is necessary in order to look presentable.

If you’re shopping for a go-to ensemble that will allow you to make a good, solid impression, it pays to know the most important elements to consider when buying men’s suits – Chicago tailors cite seven below.

1.    Your body type.

Study your body and determine the aspects of your physique that you like and want to enhance, as well as your features that you want to conceal. Knowing your body type will allow you to choose a suit that’s most flattering to your shape.

2.    Off-the-rack or tailor-made?

You can find different kinds of suits off-the-rack and these are the quickest solutions if you just want a suit to wear. The problem with these suits is that they can be both a little loose and tight, or long and short in some places — common issues experienced by every individual who’s not built like a mannequin.

If you would opt for a custom-made suit, though it will cost you a bit more, you will surely get a perfect fit with your ensemble. Plus, you get more options for style.

3.    Details

The lapel, pockets, buttons, the overall shape of the blazer and pants – they should not only look well made, but they should reflect your personal style as well.

4.    Versatility

Do you think you’ll be able to wear the complete attire again, as well as the individual pieces? It would be nice if you can, especially considering the typical cost of suits.

5.    Comfort

While it’s important to look dapper, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable wearing the outfit. See if you can move freely and the fabric doesn’t feel too hot.

6.    Occasion

Taking into account the occasion to which the suit will be worn will direct you better in choosing fabrics, accessories and even the color of the suit. Say, you’ll be attending a church summer wedding; stylists recommend grays and mid-blues. For an outdoor formal event during the day, on the other hand, beiges, grays, tans, and even pinks are best picks.

7.    Footwear

Finally, nothing can throw a suit off balance more than the wrong pair of footwear. Buy shoes first before buying or having a wedding suit made.