Well-Dressed Man-5 Key Items For Success

Man in stylish navy blue coat partnered with a light blue button-down shirt, jeans and sneakers

Well Dressed-Man

Ok, well-dressed man, there are many instances when you can’t control what happens to you or around you. Often, you are not given any say in the circumstances of your life. 

Opportunities present themselves. Accidents happen. Chance encounters occur. There’s not much you can do except make the best of them.

Nonetheless, if there’s one thing you can stay on top of, it’s your appearance. How you present yourself to people is absolutely on you. 

For this reason, you must make the effort and the investment to always be well-dressed no matter the occasion or the activity — and that includes everything from seeing the best bespoke tailor to learning what colors and styles compliment your complexion and body type.

A Wardrobe For a Well Dressed Man

Some men are inherently blessed with a flair for style. For many others, style is acquired through many years of fashion-related teachable moments. For the seasoned superb dresser, one of the most important lessons learned is to have a go-to outfit for different dress codes.

These outfits all involve a key item that pulls each look together. It’s often a big-money piece, something that may have required some investment so that you end up with classic appeal and long-lasting quality.

What are these outfits that every fantastically dressed man should always have handy in his closet?

1.   A Casual Ensemble

The term “casual” could refer to a wide range of situations. Obviously, if you’re just going to the hardware store, you can step out in an old T-shirt and cargo shorts. There are casual outings, however, that require a little more effort from you. For instance, meeting friends for lunch may make you want to look nicer.

The thing about the casual look is that it doesn’t have to be sloppy. You can look laid-back and still be well-dressed. The key item for most casual outfits is a nice pair of jeans. You can partner them with a T-shirt, a polo shirt, a button-down, a pullover sweater, etc. 

All kinds of shoes go with them, too. You can wear them with sneakers, work boots, sandals, loafers, and many other footwear styles.

Every well-dressed man has more than one pair of jeans. It’s good if you do. Just make sure you have that special pair for those instances when you want to look extra presentable in a casual way.

2.   A Sporty Ensemble

Many men find themselves engaging in sports. Fortunately, activewear can be very attractively designed these days. You don’t have to go out jogging in a ratty shirt and shorts or hit the gym in your old sweats. Invest in a cool tracksuit that will allow you to easily move around and perspire while still dressed nicely.

A keenly dressed man will have a nice Tracksuit. They are so comfortable to wear that there are people who routinely wear them. If you’re also thus inclined, you’ll at least have a nice tracksuit on in case you suddenly need to make a good impression.

3.   A Date Night Ensemble

Of course, it depends on where you’re going, but date nights usually require one to be well dressed in a casual getup. Chinos and a classic long-sleeved, button-down shirt comprise the standard attire, but jeans are perfectly fine, too. The key item here, really, is the shirt.

It’s important to have a go-to dapper shirt that flatters your body type, complements your skin tone, and sets off your eye color. You can get an impressive designer brand or, even better, have it custom-made. It will be worth the investment.

4.   A Business Ensemble

You might not be the executive type, but it still pays to have a well-made suit at the ready for when you need it. If you’ve been around for some time now, there are many occasions when a business suit comes in handy.

A business suit is your go-to outfit for any event that specifies the following dress codes: informal, standard business, Western business, and international business. Whenever you want to present yourself well for networking or some other similar purpose, a suit is your best bet.

You can wear it to church, to weddings, to funerals, and to court. You’ll get a lot of wear out of it, so a suit is a very reasonable investment. To make sure you get your money’s worth, consult our guide to buying a suit.

5.   A Formal Ensemble

If you’re hesitant about buying a tuxedo, consider it a treat. If you’re past your prom night, there’s no excuse for wearing an ill-fitting one ever again, especially if your own wedding is involved because on your wedding day you want to be a well-dressed man!

Those occasions that require you to don a tux will come, so it’s smart to be prepared. Come to AlphaSuit, the best bespoke tailor you can find in the Midwest, and we’ll make one, custom-fitted for you so you’ll be a smartly dressed man.

The charity gala, the night at the opera, the awards show — these may all come one day. In the interim, there are more weddings of friends and family, unexpected formal events, employment opportunities, and costume parties where you get to go as James Bond or Bruce Wayne. You’ll get mileage out of your tux for sure.

Always Prepared

Man wearing a royal blue full suit for a stylish boardroom look

It’s always an advantage when you make a good impression on people. So make sure that your wardrobe is stocked with these key pieces so you can present yourself as a well-dressed man.