How to Find the Right Tailor

Man wearing navy suit with gray pants & loafers
People are built differently, and the sizes that clothes come in retail stores do not take into consideration the little features that make everyone unique. It is for this reason that stylists highly recommend tailoring ready to wear items.

The alterations tailors implement can make a whole world of difference in the way an outfit hangs on the body. Adam Glassman, the creative director of O Magazine even says that tailoring outfits is one of the top strategies for looking 10 pounds slimmer.

Therefore, if you want your clothes, specifically your investment pieces such as suits, to feel and look amazing, you need to find a tailor to perform the necessary adjustments. But, it’s worth noting that not all tailors can produce the same high-quality tailored suit. They do not share the same skill level and attention to detail.

So, how do you find a really good tailor for your suits?

The Most ‘Suit-able’ Tailor

Big urban locations offer an abundance of choices when it comes to tailors. You may be inclined to go with the one nearest your office or where you live for convenience. That particular tailor will truly be the easiest to visit. But, is it your convenience that’s important or a suit that looks good on you?

So, before setting an appointment, get a full list of tailors in your area first. Conduct an online search and get some recommendations from family, friends, and even from the stores where you purchase your suits. After this step, follow the tips we’ve rounded up below.

Man wearing blue suit with beige pants

1. Look for reviews.

You can find reviews of various business establishments on customer sites. If the tailoring store or shop has a website, you will likely find testimonials there, too. Read what you can find about the quality of the services delivered by each establishment.

2. Make calls.

Conduct phone inquiries to see how accommodating the tailors are and if they have no problem performing any type of alteration. These days, you will be disappointed to find tailors that are not keen on or can only make minor alterations.

When you test them over the phone, you can already filter out those that are not worth visiting so you can narrow down your choices.

3. Pay the store or showroom a visit.

When you visit the business establishments, you can inspect the products and even the work process of the tailor or clothier. Top stylists and personal shoppers are all in agreement that the best tailors are often found in shops or stores that are impressively clean. These skilled craftsmen place great value in all aspects of their process and uphold cleanliness as a virtue.

4. Check the quality of the materials used for alterations.

You know you have a good tailor if their materials, tools, and equipment are top quality. This is always an indication of a commitment to superior presentation and the durability of their work. Check the thread and hardware used for alteration work.

5. Keep an eye out for any loose threads and pattern matching.

The best tailors go through great lengths to ensure that their work is clean, crisp, and polished. So, when you inspect their finished suits, see if there are any loose threads and if the fabric patterns match for the jacket and trousers. If you spot these two basic issues with the work of a tailor, it’s best to continue with the search.

6. Observe the demeanor of the tailor.

A tailor is someone you will establish a relationship with, especially if you have a lot of suits. Therefore, observe how he interacts with you. Does he communicate well or does he seem like he just wants to get the consultation over and done with? Does he listen and answer your queries well? Does he understand what you really want and probe thoroughly into your requirements?

If a tailor is congenial and really pays attention to you (on top of the fact that his work is impeccable), you may already have a keeper.

7. Check the consistency of work quality.

You can only gauge this after trying out a tailor’s services. Choose a couple of suits that you would not feel too bad about in case they get ruined for a test run. Have these tailored to see the quality of work carried out for them. If the results are consistently good, this is an indication that the tailor has an established process that is fool-proof in delivering what clients want.

There truly is no better way of telling if a tailor is good at his job than to actually see the results his work yields.

Finding the Right Tailor is a Process

Finding the professional whom you can trust for your important style investments usually requires time. But once you do, you will have a working relationship to last you a lifetime.

Here at AlphaSuit, the leading source of high-quality men’s suits in Columbus, Ohio, we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction every single time.

This is our best strategy in cultivating a lifetime styling relationship with them. So, if you are looking for a master suit tailor, visit our showroom or make an appointment with us online.