For more than two decades, Sean McKee has produced custom made suits for some of the most accomplished men and women in North America. Now he offers some of the best bespoke suits online as well as a full line of high quality ready-to-wear men’s suits at 30%-40% below other retailers.

Sean founded Alpha Suit to provide young professionals with these same high-quality, custom-made suits at a fraction of the traditional price.

But how is this possible?

By selling suits online, Alphasuit does not have the traditional overhead of a retail store. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on rent, inventory, employees, utilities, licenses etc. Alphasuit menswear operates out of a co-working offices and has very little overhead.

We take your measurements and have you try on stock garment to determine your size. Then, we upload your measurements to our tailor house for custom suits or we place the order for a ready made suit in your size.

You pay 60-70% less than you would with any other clothing store or custom clothier.

So schedule or attend a pop-up event. You can call Sean at 614-333-0034 or text us at 248-789-5815. Alternatively, you can request more details online by clicking here.

You can also leave a voicemail message by clicking on the button at the bottom right of this page.