Discount Wedding Suits – A Selection Guide

Blue Suit showing the example of a good looking wedding suit

After the marriage proposal is accepted, it’s time to start looking for Discount Wedding Suits. While the bride may take over much of the wedding planning, the groom is in charge of their suit as well as the suits their groomsmen will be wearing. They’ll need to select the perfect suit and make sure it’s ready in time for the big day.

Start Selecting Suits Early

It’s a good idea to start planning which wedding suit to wear at least a few months before the wedding. This offers time to find the best discount weddings suits and have them fitted, and ensure everything is ready for the wedding. The groom should plan to spend a little bit of time figuring out which suit to wear as well as what accessories they need. Plus, they’re going to want to make sure there is plenty of time for the groomsmen to get their suits as well. There’s actually a lot more planning that goes into finding a suit than it might seem, so starting early is the best idea.

Determine the Budget for the Suit

The suit might just be a small part of the overall wedding budget, but it’s an important consideration. When planning the wedding’s budget, make sure to save enough room for a suit that will fit the occasion. It’s not necessary to spend a ton of money on a suit, but the groom will want to look their best. If budgeting is an issue or the groom would rather put more money into other parts of the wedding, like their bride’s dress or the venue, they may want to look into the discount suits available. They can look amazing without spending a ton of money.

Purchase or Rent?

With all of the choices to be made, many grooms may wonder if it’s not a better idea to simply rent a wedding suit and return it after the wedding. While this is definitely an option, it’s often not going to be a good one. With a rented suit, there are limited options, and they can’t be fitted, so they might not look as good. Additionally, if the suit is rented, it’s not something that can be used whenever the groom needs to dress up. There are discount suits available, so one of these is likely far better than renting a suit.

Consider Suit Styles Carefully

For a wedding, there are different suits that might be a good fit. A tuxedo is generally only used for the most formal weddings and is not in style today like it was in the past. It’s also not going to really be something the groom will ever wear again, so if that’s something they’re interested in, they’ll want to choose something else. Instead, most grooms will pick out a three-piece suit. This is a timeless option that looks fantastic and comes in a variety of different styles, materials, and colors so the groom can find what they prefer.

Consider the Venue

It’s a good idea to consider the venue and theme of the wedding when picking out a suit. For indoor weddings, just about any style and material will be fine. For outdoor weddings, make sure the suit is not going to be too hot or uncomfortable. Choose lightweight materials that allow heat to dissipate to avoid overheating during the wedding or the reception. Think about the theme as well, as the formality of the suit should match how formal the wedding theme is. A tuxedo won’t be a good match for a more casual wedding theme or venue.

Think About the Season

The season is going to play into the suit chosen, especially if the wedding will be outdoors. During the fall and winter, choose heavier materials for the suit and pick darker colors to compliment the view outdoors. This helps the outfit stand out during wedding pictures and ensures the groom won’t freeze during the pictures. For spring and summer, choose lighter materials so the suit isn’t so hot during the wedding pictures and pick out colors that will stand out against the gorgeous flowers when photos are taken. For more casual weddings in the spring, lighter colors like a light to medium gray may be the perfect choice.

Picking a Color

When it’s time to pick out the color, stick with something traditional. Timeless colors like black, navy, or gray are perfect for discount wedding suits. While there are plenty of less traditional options available, they might not hold up well over time. Additionally, consider the venue, the theme, and the time of the year when picking out the color for the suit. Think also about how often the suit may be used. If it’s a timeless color, it can be reused at other formal or semi-formal events as long as it’s not a bold color that will stand out.

Have the Suit Tailored

Once a suit is picked out, the final step is the fitting. This is one reason it’s not a good idea to rent the suit. The groom can have the suit fitted to their exact measurements and ensure it fits perfectly. Tailoring the suit can include adjusting how the jacket fits, how the pants fit, the length of the sleeves, and the length of the pants. It’s best to have the suit professionally tailored to ensure it fits perfectly. Have the fitting done as early as possible before the wedding to ensure the inexpensive suit will be ready on time.

Coordinate with the Groomsman Suits

While the groom should stand out, they’re going to want still the groomsmen to look great as well. However, everyone wearing the same discounted wedding suits in the same color isn’t really in fashion anymore. Instead, it’s more fashionable for the groomsmen to all wear the same suit while the groom wears something different. The difference can be in the style or the color. Another option is to allow the groomsmen to all pick a suit and color that they prefer but to use something to tie them all together, like the dress shirt or pocket square. Whatever options are chosen, it’s a good idea for the suits to all look coordinated.

Pick Out the Right Accessories

For grooms and groomsmen, picking out the right accessories is almost as important as the suits that were purchased at a discount rate. Classic shoes are black leather shoes that lace up, worn with black socks. The groom and groomsmen should have pocket squares or handkerchiefs as well as cufflinks. For the tie, pick out one that compliments the rest of the suit and look into formal ways to tie it, such as a seven-fold tie. The groom and groomsmen should not need to wear a belt, provided the suit has been tailored to fit them properly. Regardless of whether you’re planning an indoor wedding in December or a beach wedding in May, finding the right suit is important. Start looking for the perfect suit as early as possible, so there’s time to have it fitted and to find the perfect accessories. If you’re on a budget and want to look amazing, check out the discount wedding suits available today to find the perfect option for your wedding.