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Are you tired of paying too much for Custom suits Little Rock?  Are you tired of the constant phone calls from other clothing company sales people trying to load you up with clothing?  Are you tired of the high-pressure sales tactics from your clothier? If you answered yes to any of these questions read on.

So you’re tired of paying too much for your custom suits, be tired no longer. Alphasuit suits start at $479 and go up to $739. Our custom shirts are $79 – $125 and we have custom made sports coats and trousers in these same great price ranges.

How do we do it? Well, Alphasuit was started by long-time clothier, Sean McKee. Sean wanted to make made-to-measure suits available and affordable to young professionals and others who didn’t want to pay the high prices from other clothiers.

We didn’t sacrifice quality and fit to achieve these unheard of prices either. You see, we knew that in order for men to be committed to the Alphasuit brand, we had to offer great quality, not just a great price. We are also dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, we are looking for long term relationships.

You’re tired of other clothiers calling you constantly to sell you clothing.  At Alphasuit, we do not call our clients to sell them clothing. We figure that our customers are capable of going online and scheduling an appointment at their convenience whenever they need clothing.

You’re tired of high pressured sales people. At Alphasuit, we do not apply any pressure to our clients. Alphasuit clients know that they can come into the office and purchase one shirt, one suit or 10, feel no pressure when you come in.

So how can Alphasuit offer all this? First, we took the time out of purchasing custom clothing the traditional way by asking our clients to come to our office/showroom to purchase their clothing. We figure for the prices we are offering clothing for, men wouldn’t mind coming to us. We can see more customers and be more efficient with our time by meeting people at our office. This helps us reduce our costs and creates more volume allowing us to reduce our prices.

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We are excited to announce, Alphasuit, Affordable Bespoke Suits, bespoke suits, made to measure suits, and more is now available to the men of Little Rock, Ar. and surrounding areas.

Please schedule an appointment with, Frank Gibson, at your convenience to come into our office/showroom located at:

8 Shackleford Plaza

Suite 318

Little Rock, AR 72211