Alpha Suit is Custom Made Suits –  Made Affordable…

Alpha Suit founder Sean McKee has been one of North America’s most in-demand clothiers for more than two decades. In this time, he’s helped some of the country’s most wealthy and accomplished men to look and feel their absolute best, by providing them with Custom Made Suits, Bespoke suits, custom made sport coats and custom shirts.

Sean founded Alpha Suit to provide young professionals with these same high-quality, Custom suits at a fraction of the traditional price.

But how is this possible?

Well, it all starts with something Sean likes to call a “Pop-Up Event.” A “Pop-Up Event” is basically a group measuring and shopping event that can be hosted at your work, a hotel conference room, a retail location, or even at a private residence. What makes these events so valuable is that they allow Sean to work with multiple customers at once, which in turn increases volume and greatly reduces his expenses.

The result?

You pay 60-70% less than you would with any other custom clothing company.


If you are unable to put together a Pop-up event you can schedule an appointment, HERE, online to come to the Alphasuit showroom. By coming into our showroom you will be able to purchase clothing at the same group pricing with no minimum purchases.

Look: how you dress is how the world judges you. And with Alpha Suit, you no longer need to settle for mass-manufactured off the rack suits that fit poorly and feature low-quality fabric.

So schedule or attend a pop-up event, or to find out more info by calling Sean today at, 614-333-0034 or Text us at 248-789-5815. Or, request more details online by clicking here.

Or you can leave us a voice mail from right here by clicking on the button on the bottom right of this page.